Social Media is Pushing Towards Social Isolation

Who knows such a magical world within the screen of a mobile phone, whoever catches it, gets lost in it alone for hours. Children and elders are the same in this world. Once you get addicted to it, you do not get rid of it. Today technology and social media have interfered in almost every aspect of our life. Due to which bad effect is happening on people of good age and age.

Social Media platforms

According to the 2016 report of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), India has 302 million internet subscribers, of which 94% use mobile internet and 6% of wired internet. According to another report, there are 28 million school-going children using the Internet.
There are 3 million mobile broadband users are under 18 years of age. That is why today's youth are called Generation Z.

Today's Digital Minded Childrens are four steps ahead of the previous generation. His entire life revolves around technology. The useful content on the Internet is as inappropriate. That is why parents have to be vigilant about their children at all times.

Technology and Social Media Becomes a Part of our life

Looking at the past few decades, it seems that without a device like a mobile phone, our life will stop. The biggest concern in the digital world has arisen for parents. For whom it is very difficult to decide to what extent to allow your children to use technology. Because as much good content is available on the Internet, the same amount of inappropriate and harmful content is also available. Parents are worried about this, not just in India but all over the world.

In countries like India, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, where about 90% of children use mobiles to strengthen their friendships through social networking

In the same high-income countries, it is normal to do school homework using the Internet. 80% of teenagers in Argentina use the Internet and videos to study subjects such as mathematics and history. Children's school activity was the main activity on the Internet in Brazil in 2013.

Why are Parents Worried

According to a study, the number of children visiting inappropriate websites in our country is more than in other countries. This has actually become the main reason for parents' concern. But they also have to solve them. Because they have been handed over the Internet and mobile to the child. 

Social Media

According to a report by cybersecurity company McAfee, only 36% of Indian parents said that they use software to monitor their children's activities on mobile and computer. Some believe that they have found their child visiting an inappropriate website. 50% of the parents said that there is a debate between them about not taking these devices to bed.

Facebook Depression

When a teenager realizes that their partner or friends is less on social media, then they go into depression, it is called Facebook depression.

The need to make a place for yourself or to be accepted among friends made on Facebook or Twitter, the most different thing, is to push users towards this kind of emotional and peace. Also, the use of social media is called "Cyberbully" to shame or spread information about a particular user. Long-term cyberbullying victims suffer from psychological problems such as loneliness, stress, restlessness, lack of self-esteem. Some even try to commit suicide.

It has a direct relationship with social isolation. When teenagers see pictures of a party on social media in which they have not been invited, it can increase their discomfort. It is called 'fear of missing out'. also some children want higher Instagram likes this depressed them most.
The Classwork done requires concentration in homework. But now children also use social media for this. Many teenagers call it multitasking. It is not necessary for children to understand this.
Here are some statistics related to the Internet
  • 21% of children in India are connected to the mobile internet.
  • 92% of children go online every day in the United States between the ages of 13 and 17.
  • 78% of children in Europe use smartphones, laptop tablets, etc. 
  • 30% of children use privacy screens on their phones. They are between 9 to 18 years of age.

If we have to save ourselves or our children from social isolation, then we have to set some boundaries for this. Because nowadays, excessive use of social media is becoming harmful. Most of us do not even have an idea of how much time we are wasting on social media. Many people are also aware of this, but still, they are not able to separate from social media. Due to which the effect on their productivity and mental health is being affected.

Here Are Some Tips To Avoid Social Media

Use Some Management apps and extensions

Rescue Time app - You may think that you are spending a lot of time on social media, but you should know how much time is spent on social media that belongs to the category. Now you can track how much time you have spent on all big platforms with the help of the Rescue Time app. This can block the sites that interfere with your work the most. 

Social Media

 Set the Time Limit

There is a time tracking function for Facebook and Instagram mobile apps. This feature tracks how many minutes you can use each app daily and you can decide. How much time do you want to give to every app every day? If you reach the deadline then you are informed through notifications.

Use Browser Extensions

To limit social media users on desktops and laptops, you can use browser extensions. It can block select sites. Strict Workflow extensions can be used on the Chrome browser. Stay-focused is also a good extension you can use it.

Make rules for Daily

When you set your limit instead of leaving social media, there is no guarantee that you will not break the rules you have set. So you should think about what kind of relationship you want to maintain with social media.


Stay digitally Relax

You can decide to use social media for a few minutes every day. You can also get away from it for a certain period every week. stay Digitally relax. At the end of the week, you can spend time with family by removing social media platforms or internet users.

Disable Notifications from Social Media

Most people do not change the default notification settings of a smartphone. To manage social media users, notifications should be disabled. So that you stay focused. Audio notifications of social media sites apps should also be disabled.

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