4 Best LinkedIn Verified Tips for your Small Business Growth

Linkedin has carved a distinct identity in the social media world. LinkedIn's platform is proving to be the most useful for job search and professionals.

Microsoft Corporation's LinkedIn currently has more than 600 million users. Small business, big business, big corporate houses, and big professionals are also included in large numbers. Linkedin is specifically designed to take into account enterprise and business professionals. On this platform, any business or professional can build the network according to their needs. Users coming on this platform need to understand that LinkedIn can be used for the benefit of their business.

LinkedIn has more than 600 million users. It is the most useful platform in the world to explore and connect with business professionals.

Start with limited Connections

Anyone on this platform can send you a request for a connection. There is an option to control the connection here. You need to set up your account in such a way that only those who have your email ID can connect with you. Initially, it is necessary to do this so that you can understand the whole set up of LinkedIn. 

And after that, you can easily choose the option to increase the connection or follow only. Any content you have shared by LinkedIn will affect your business profile. More than 30% of the users here are related to business professionals or any big corporate house. It is possible that they also share or comment on your content. It will definitely have an impact.

Give priority to Business Community

The use of the LinkedIn platform in India is growing rapidly in the business world. Many top business organizations and networking groups, from the police top local commerce chamber, are also regularly active on the LinkedIn platform.

A small entrepreneur is required to have a connection with the local commerce chamber and other types of business networking groups through his LinkedIn profile. By doing this, he is not only increase the presence of his business but can also connect with the local business community. With this, you can easily get many types of information including information about any local business event and how to participate in it. Keep connections with the business community on top of a powerful network.

You can easily connect with people related to your sector by using the "Find Nearby" feature in any business networking event. This feature does not have the option to send a personal message, so you can save the connection information through a screenshot.

LinkedIn Headline

The type of content that is present on the social media of any company in the business world or the content available on it has special importance in the branding of the company. This work on the LinkedIn profile initially helps you. Whenever someone will send you a connection request or if you comment on any post, your headline will be seen first. However, if you do not use the headline on your profile, then through an automatic process your current post is converted to the headline of your profile through LinkedIn.

Find Nearby Feature

Many of LinkedIn's features are specifically designed to enhance business activity. One of which is "Find NearBy". You can easily use this feature in any conference, workshop or networking event.

This feature is designed to build professional networks. To use the feature, your mobile phone must have 'Bluetooth' on. After this, you go to the 'My Network' icon in the mobile app and press the blue 'Connect button'. After doing this, the Linkedin users within your 100 feet radius will connect.

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