How to Make Your Phone Smart with the Help these Applications

Best smartphone apps

The mobile phone has become an important part of human life today. From getting up in the morning to sleeping at night, the smartphone has become essential for us like air. It is not necessary that the smartphone is used only for social media or entertainment.

Apart from this, the smartphone also fulfills many essential requirements of our daily life. For this, we have to use some important applications. Let us know about such applications that can act as agents for our phones. That is, by installing these applications in our smartphone, we can make it more useful and meaningful.

Useful Smartphone Applications


This Twitter live-streaming app allows broadcasting in the front camera of your handset. You can switch it to a rear-facing camera. With the help of this app, you can control what your audience is watching. It also allows you to broadcast live video to your Twitter followers.

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Fecetune 2

It is one of the best selfie editing app. It makes your selfie beautiful. This fixes the flaws in the photo such as flash red-ended eyes. This app performs facial modification with 3D face modeling and live to edit and offers a live preview

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Camera MX

Through gifts, we are able to present ourselves better to people. Camera MX is the GIF Creator app. It converts all the small videos or lots of photos in your phone into GIF. The 'shoot the past' mode of this app creates a buffer of images, which allows a few seconds before the shot to go to find the perfect photo.


It is designed specifically for the iPhone. It is considered to be the best camera app for both creative and professional photographers. It offers low-level DSLR camera features in the phone. It also provides video recording mode and a detailed photo editing cut that also includes RAW and depth editing.

Foursquare Swarm

It is a live and location login logging app. Its interface is updated. It keeps track of which places you have visited. This lets you know that your friends like these kinds of places. Its Neighborhood sharing features inform your friends when they are around.

Rescue Time

Life is too short and time is too short. This app can track which apps and how much time you spend on the website. It analyzes the time spent on the Internet. Similarly, you can plan to save time. It works in the background in computers, phones, tablets so that you can know how much time you have spent.


Sound Cloud

SoundCloud is called the audio service of every human being. It combines user-generated music and podcasts. It offers tracks of big musicians as a music streaming service. Its free account allows you to distribute your real work to other music streaming services. If you love music, then it is made for you.

Pocket Casts

There are so many great podcasts on the internet that you can listen to on the phone. Pocket Casts lets you find good podcasts. It has better settings. This multiple devices allows you to sync your listening experience to it. It is one of the best podcast catchers. This app allows you to cast episodes on TV. You can control playback with your smartwatch.

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