How to Remove Increasing Eye Strain from a Smartphone By Enabling Dark Mode

Do you use your Smartphone 4 to 5 hours daily?

In the current era, every person has started passing a long time on the Internet. In such a situation, there may be a problem in your eyes by constantly looking at the screen. Now you can get relief by enabling Dark Mode on your different internet services too.

These days, Dark Mod is appearing everywhere. Actually, it is a light-on-dark color scheme. Which is called Dark Mod, Dark Theme or Night Mode. Many research suggests that using the phone in dark mod reduces eye strain.

This makes it easier to use the device at night time. If the device uses OLED or AMOLED mode screen then it saves energy. Such services exist in which you can enable the dark mod.

How to Enable Dark Mode

How to Enable Dark Mode




For the dark mode in Gmail on the desktop, click the Settings icon and select Themes. And click on the black thumbnail.

If Android 10 is in use, then go to General Settings in Settings and set Theme to Light, Dark or System Default.

If the phone is using system-voice dark mod then the dark mode will be activated automatically in Gmail on iOS. 


To enable dark peacock on Instagram, the device should have the latest operating system. 
To enable dark mode for Instagram on iOS 13, go to phone settings. Select "Display and Brightness" and tap on "Dark" to change the theme. After this, you can launch Instagram in Dark Mod. 

In Android 10, open the phone's settings for dark mode on Instagram. Scroll down to the display and activate "Dark Theme Toggle".


Facebook has introduced a new design for the desktop site. If you have not yet received this feature. So you can use Force Dark Mod on Facebook on Chrome. 

Type chrome://flags in the address bar, search and enable dark mode in the search bar here. This will re-launch the browser and make Dark Mod enabled.

How to enable dark mode
How to enable dark mode

Google Chrome

For Chrome on Mac OS, open the System Preference for Dark Mode, click General and select Appearance and choose the Dark option

To turn dark on Chrome for Windows 10, go to the Settings menu and select Personalization. Click on Colors and mark "choose your default app mode". Turn it into "dark". Some websites have their own dark mode. If there is a dark mode on Chrome, then it will be activated on the website.


To activate Dark Mode for Firefox on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, open the main menu, choose to Customize and choose Dark from Themes. 

If using FireFox on iOS, open the menu and tap on "Night Mode" and switch to Dark Theme.


You can activate the dark mode with Chrome and Firefox. For this, a free browser extension "stylus" can be used, it employs custom CSS and applies a team to a website. In this way, WhatsApp can force web apps to use the Dark mod.


Twitter is one of the first social media platforms to develop an optimized dark interface. 
If you want to change Twitter's appearances manually, go to the "Settings and Privacy" menu, select Display and select 'Default Theme or Deemlights Account'.

Twitter has two dark mods on Android and iOS "Dark Blue Background (Deem) and Black Background (Lights Out). To choose Dark Mode to go to the main menu and select 'Settings and Privacy' and tap on 'Display and Sound' So far, you can enable which dark mod.

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