6 Best Apps by Google to Reduce Smartphone Addiction

best android apps

Android mobile devices put the Internet on your fingertips. But if you are using your smartphone more than necessary, then Google is also ready to help you. Google has announced a collection of new apps under its Digital Wellbeing Experiment Platform. This will help the users to balance with the technology. So far 6 apps have been released on Play Store. All these apps show how much space you can give to technology in your life, and how you can maintain good health by focusing on other activities. Let's know about these special digital billing experiment apps

Google's digital wellbeing experiments help balance the platform's new apps with technology. With them, you can reduce the time spent on social media and the Internet.

best android apps
Google digital wellbeing experiment

Let's know about these special digital Google experiment android apps which you can download from the Google Play Store.

Best Android Applications

Desert Island 

best android apps


If you are looking for focus then Desert Island can help you. Here the challenge is to use only the necessary apps throughout the day.

First of all, you have to decide which apps are most important to you. You have to use those apps in minimum time in 24 hours' time. This way you can quit the habit of spending time with unnecessary apps.

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Unlock Clock

best android apps


With the unlock clock app, you can understand the use of technology better. This app keeps an eye on how many times you have unlocked the phone throughout the day.

This number is displayed when downloading it from the play store, it does not look like an app.

you can find it in the live wallpaper library.

Paper Phone

best android apps


Paper phone apps can give you a break from the digital world for a while. It prints personal booklets of information required for the whole day. 

It allows you to include favorite contacts, maps meetings, etc. After this, they can be printed directly on a paper seat. 

We Flip

best android apps


The We clip app allows the technology to be switched off as a group. With this, you can spend quality time together.

Everyone has to wait to join. After this, the switch has to be flipped simultaneously to start the session. If anyone of the groups unlocked, the session will end and you will find out who did it.

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best android apps


With the Morph app, you can stay focused. This app adjusts according to what you are doing. First, think about how you will divide your time. After this, decide your important apps for every turn. 

The phone will adjust automatically according to time and place. This way you will get the right apps at the right time and the right place.

Post Box

best android apps


If you repeatedly district the phone notifications. And if you have a habit of unlocking the screen every 5 minutes, then Google has created a special app for this.
The post box avoids digital interference. This keeps notifications on hold until the appropriate time. You can choose how many times notifications will be delivered to you when these notifications will be very organized. You can also read them easily.

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