Imitation jewelry Sector will be Good for Startup

Indian fashion jewelry has shown positive growth in the last few years. Not only has it entered multinational brands in this field, but young entrepreneurs are entering here with new ideas. so imitation/artificial jewelry is one of the sparkling sectors in the startup.

imitation/artificial jewelry
imitation/artificial jewelry

More than 10 lakh people are associated with the business of imitation jewelry in more than 8 states of the country. Due to the young interview's inclination towards the sector, a new employment potential has developed and in the new experiment being done with imitation jewelry by fellow startups, this sector of all classes has been discussed.
It is estimated that the sector will grow at a rate of 23.5% during the next 3 years, so youngsters doing research on Startup Idea can also include the jewelry sector in their list.

Imitation jewelry products have margins of 30 to 35%, so these products are beneficial for startups.

Start with a low budget Investment for Imitation jewelry

Imitation is done in jewelry business through initial manufacturing, selling products through wholesale, retailing and e-commerce. Young Entrepreneur starts this business with an investment of only 10 thousand. In this, selling products of imitation jewelry online is on top. 

India has a wholesale market of imitation jewelry in Gujarat, Telangana, Delhi, and Rajasthan. Imitation is available from 30% to 35% on jewelry products. Therefore, these products prove to be beneficial. In the beginning, you can use the business feature of Facebook or any other social site.

Popular among Women

If you start a startup, keep in mind a few selected products of imitation/artificial jewelry in your list, so that you will not need much investment and your products will be sold easily.
Products or materials of which the products are popular among women include products made of semi-precious stone, nickel, titanium, and steel. Traditional, Contemporary, is the most sought after product of mixed match design. Select the product and its range according to the mark. 

Know which Countries are More Demanding

The demand for Indian imitation jewelry has been highest in Tanzania, Bahrain, Hungary, Thailand in the last 5 years. Apart from this, Indian products are also highly preferred in European and other Asian countries. That is why the business of export of imitation jewelry is also a shining sector. There is a plethora of local jewelry design products in most areas of India. From this, you can get anyone or two products selected and get their products ready. Which is also unique and you have their availability.

Keep Segments in Mind at the time of Selection

Selecting the most prominent segment in traditional imitation jewelry. The market of imitation jewelry is generally seen to be associated with women, while more than 30% of the products in this market are also related to men. Whose online or offline availability is very less. That is why you can start this business by placing the jewelry product on the list top. Imitation Jewelry products also include such series, which are quite popular among generation-X.

These Products are also Trending

Products that are in high demand in Men's Imitation Jewelry. They include bracelets, cufflinks, rings. Beads bracelet is also preferred in the Men's section. While Generation-X is keen on the rugged jewelry product. The same women's product includes products like earrings, pendants, chains, nose rings. The attention of the product involved in both sections depends most on its design and theme. The product of heavy traditional design is in demand in the Indian trade market.

Final Words

700 million will be marketed by 2022, in Indian Imitation Jewelry. This figure is encouraging, as well as the margin on imitation jewelry product is quite high, so if you are thinking for a startup then it can be a sparkling sector for a startup.


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