Computation Thinking is an Essential Skill

Hello there, today I am going to talk about a special skill that is Computation Thinking Skills.
Computation Thinking is used during all aspects of 21st-century functioning. In the current era, it has become an essential skill to solve the problem. Computational thinking can solve practical life problems.

computational thinking skill

first, we all have to know about Computation thinking.

What is Computation Thinking

Computational thinking seems complicated, but we use competition thinking every day. let me clear this, Suppose you have to buy a car or make a career change, then the planning process and computational thinking will have to be used to reach these goals. Under this planning, you break the problems into pieces. And many try to reach the floor with solutions. Web designers solve problems with computers, that's why computational thinking is about understanding complex problems. Breaks big problems into a series of manageable problems.

According to Wikipedia

computational thinking skill

Web designers have to think about every problem in such a way that computers can understand them easily. Computational thinking becomes an essential skill set for them. In this, the tools needed to solve complex assignments from clients are systematically offered.

In computational thinking, web designers break any problem into pieces and detect patterns in the data. They identify and focus on the aspects required for the assignment. You avoid big mistakes as a detailed planning tool. And consider various aspects of the problems.

Six Principles and Main Techniques

There are some principles of computational thinking - Separation, Abstracting, Pattern Recognition, Algorithm writing, and Solution Evaluation. With the help of this key technique, you can do computational thinking about any complex problem and solve the problem.

It is the thought processes involved in problem-solving, so that the solutions are represented in a form that can be effectively carried out by an information-processing agent, such as a computer. 

computational thinking skill

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In this process, the larger problem is divided into smaller and easier pieces. These small problems are resolved one after the other until the more complex problem is resolved. It is difficult to deal with different aspects of a larger problem at once. If you break the problem into a smaller problem, then solving one part at a time, resolves the larger problem.

2. Segregation Identification

When you divide complex problems into pieces and focus only on the important things, your next step is to see what similarities exist there, identify patterns in this way and find out what kind of common pattern is there in a different problem. This helps you a lot in solving problems and you can also solve complex problems effectively.


In this process, only the important information is focused and the non-essential information is ignored. To arrive at a solution, we should divert attention from the non-essential things. We should find out what important information we have to focus on. In this, instead of the particular detail, the general properties of each element are given attention. This model changes how the problem is perceived.

4.Algorithm writing

You have taken the big problem into small and easy problems. It has identified commonalities. You are just focusing on the necessary details. Now is the time to develop step by step, guidelines to solve each of these small problems. These will also be the rules that will be used in solving problems. These simple steps are used in computer programming to solve complex problems. This is called an Algorithm.

Use flowchart


computational thinking skill


Flow charts offer a better way to present the algorithm. It is a kind of diagram that presents an algorithm workflow or process. And denotes stages in different kinds of the box. Their sequence is connected by arrows. This diagram is a solution model of a given problem in a diagrammatic presentation. If you want to work on different results of the problem, then the help of a flowchart can be taken to plot the algorithm. 

5.Solution Evaluation

Another step to achieve a solution to a larger problem with computational thinking is the evaluation of solutions. When computational thinking approaches a solution, the solution must be evaluated in advance. Having the solution evaluated can catch the mistakes present in the algorithm. If you do not do this, then you will not be able to solve the problem properly. Or would not be the best way to solve the problem.

6. Decomposition

Decomposition takes an object or an idea and breaks into parts. For example, physicists continuously decompose the basic ideas to further answer more fundamental questions.

Gravity is an old idea, Newton when he saw the apple falling to the ground, asked many questions about the event but while formulating gravity he must have decomposed his thoughts, what are the objects and events involved? Apple, earth, tree, the direction of motion, the air around and so on. The parts don’t need to be abstracted but abstraction pairs well with decomposition, so two are often used together. Abstraction is the ability to distill something to its essence, the process of abstraction is inherently creative.

Decomposition sometimes goes together with deconstructionism. A deconstructionist theater plays with tropes and ideas of a genre. In the physical world, deconstructed objects become collages. Chefs specializing in molecular gastronomy often deconstruct dishes providing new ways of exploring recognizable flavors. When students use decomposition to break down an idea, the resultant parts become seeds or raw materials for new ideas.

If students use decomposition to determine the constituents of an object those parts could be rebuilt into something new or mixed and matched as an abstracted idea. Similarly, a deconstructed sentence could become a template to create their own sonnets!

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