Is your smartphone a productive tool?

You can also change your smartphone to productivity earlier, for this, you should be well aware of the settings and features of the phone, apart from this you can make a reproductive by installing a special app on your phone.

Smartphone productive

The biggest advantage of having a smartphone is that it makes you a more productive person, but this is not true for every human being, many people waste a lot of time on a smartphone. if you use your smartphone wisely then you are more productive Can be made.

Look for everything at Search-bar

You waste a lot of time searching for many things on your phone. You can take the help of its built-in search tool, for this you will have to pull down from the top of the home screen. You can, for example, find the calendar app and do not need to open it and look at the appropriation. By searching its name, you can reach it directly now. The same applies to the message.

Time management and task Scheduling

Time management and task scheduling should be used to become productive. Use the Pomodoro Technique. It breaks the day into 25-minute pieces. You can use many Pomodoro like Focus Booster or Pomoden app on your smartphone.

 Share the website with the Computer

Many times it happens that you fall for an important website or article, but due to lack of time you are unable to read it, in such a situation, there will be a thought in mind that I wish it could be saved later. With the help of the Pocket app, you can save a single tap web page for iOS and Android.

Stay Focused

Smartphone productive

You can also relax and focus from the smartphone. For this, you can use the Mindfulness app or the Kam app. If the phone is more disturbed then you can plan to remove the disturbances and turn on "Do not disturb" mode while sleeping.

Stay away from Noise during Work

Many times you want to concentrate but there are constant interruptions, in such a situation, you can take the help of White Knight which can increase your focus. Dedicated White Apps are available on both iOS and Android.

Remember the Connection from Contacts

With contact iPhone users can teach Siri what is your relationship with contact You can say that Mr. Akash is my boss, after this, tell Mr. Siri to message my boss and reach out to the contact without searching.
So here are some apps to make your smartphone Productive.

Convert your Audio to Text

Speech notes is a good dictation app for those who want to do Idea pictures and want to be creative. It is powered by the Google voice recognition engine and can recognize almost every word or phrase.

And when it comes to productivity software, Evernote's name comes first. It facilitates the taking and organizing of traditional notes. It also has a voice note feature. With the help of speech to text function, you can detect notes directly from one.

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