Environmental Pollution, Air Pollution - India and Other Countries

Of the 25 most polluted cities in the world, 20 are from India. The environmental air pollution found in these cities is so frightening that there can be said to be insufficient to worsen the lung health of the residents of the cities.

environmental pollution, air pollution

What is Environment Pollution?

according to Wikipedia 

and there are some types of Environmental pollution include Air pollution,,noise pollution, plastic pollution, radioactive contamination, thermal pollution, visual pollution, water pollution etc.

In terms of environment, the time of October-November is the most difficult in North India, due to air pollution, these difficulties start from the middle of October, which starts increasing with Diwali and breathing becomes difficult to number. The level of Environmental air pollution is becoming so high that last year Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted after Diwali and said that The Delhi has become "Gas Chamber" because of its level on the Air Quality Index was found to be below 1000 while the true safe standard is below 50. It was 10 times worse than in Beijing.

Now October is going on but this year Arvind Kejriwal has already announced the prohibition on the use of private cars to operate free face mask distribution and not 1000 electric buses for public transport. Now the question arises that This effort will be done only in the capital of the country?
There is no doubt about this that Kejriwal's efforts in the capital are commendable, but this problem is not complete. These things should also be implemented in the rest of the country.

Air quality data released for India by the International Air Visual Agency

According to the International Air Quality Statistics Agency, AirVisual, 20 of India's 25 most polluted cities in the world are from India. The air pollution found in these cities is so terrible that it is enough to worsen the lung health of the residents of these cities. Faisalabad and Lahore also fall in the lower 10 cities in this order. Dhaka of Bangladesh is ranked 70th. Ironically, every Yana's state-of-the-art, a world-class competitive city like Gurgaon has been marked as the most polluted city, yet conditions can be improved by learning from Kejriwal's efforts in Delhi.

 Air visual agency statistics of China

 The efforts of neighboring China can also be exemplary in this direction. The result of strict environmental law is that not a single city of China is included in Air Visual's list of 100 polluted cities. China's position is 122 in this context. In the last 20 years, China has done excellent work in the field of pollution control.

Standards made by other countries to Reduce Environmental Pollution

An Ultra Emission Loan has been developed in London, which was recently announced in April as the world's first 24-hour 365-day running to meet emissions demands if a car passing through the region emitted at the rate of 75 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer If you do it fine, but the penalty is more than that.

Now barely 35% of the vehicles can pass through this place, the investment of £ 55 billion received in the transport system itself is now being considered to extend the scope of ultra-low emission across London. It is noteworthy that this effort With London emerging as the World Climate Hub, sales of low carbon emission products have increased in the past decade, from 20.9 billion to 39.7 billion. Washington is also following it, so can't the London efforts in India be followed.

Sadiq Khan, who was elected the Mayor of London in the year 2016, termed the London air as poisonous, saying that it is a time of emergency for public health, he associated this problem with social injustice and said that children are forced to live in polluted places Which is located in the poor areas of the city, due to which these children are growing up with underdeveloped and thickened lungs, this situation is unacceptable.

Sadiq Khan was joined by a Goa-based family based in Nairobi-born Rodrigues, who became the Deputy Mayor of London and handles the Department of Environment and Energy, and was tasked with policy-making to tackle London's polluted air. Rodrigues says that in 2018 he created a Gross Environment Strategy with the aim of making London greener, cleaner and better for the future.

Some limitations imposed on Transport Vehicles

environmental pollution, air pollution

Under this, all policies in London were designed keeping the environmental issues at the center, such as diesel car pollution. This does not mean that the use of petrol cars should be increased because there is a possibility of climate change, he says that his team in London Has outlined the relationship of environment with health, social justice, and economic agenda, has set the goal of making London a city with zero carbon zero waste emission emissions by the year 2050. For this, detailed plans with a critical approach to developed policies and systems.

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