Increasing Cold Ambush on Dry Skin - Damage, Remedies

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With the onset of the winter season, the temperature of the cold on the dry skin increases, the situation is that if treatment is not done on time, then there is more trouble. Skin diseases are greatly increased due to people taking sunlight from flying soil, not having good food also increases skin diseases significantly, these days i.e. during summer to the winter season, during the transition season, skin itching, dryness, and blackness If the problem arises, skin diseases are reduced even in the growing cold.

It is often difficult to understand what to eat and what to stop when skin diseases occur. Why medical treatment? According to the different methods available, many different food items are advised to include the patient in the diet or leave it completely. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for patients suffering from skin diseases to get the right information about food.

Why is it important to Improve diet when you have Skin Disease?

Stop eating some special things, there may be a slight improvement in the condition of the good, on the contrary, wrong eating habits can worsen your situation. There are some medical practices in which, along with medication, abstinence has to be taken seriously. Skin problems are caused by redness, itching and hotness, so you will have to do something special. In such a situation, such things which increase the temperature of your body, make ghee in the fire.

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Skin diseases -

Skin diseases are of the following types

1. dermatitis

2. Prices

3 shingles

4 white spots

5 Leprosy

6 pimples

7. Boil

8 Russi

9 sowing bursts

10 thunderstorms

11 bark diseases etc.

Skin-Care Diet: 

This Carrot And Beet Juice May Help Make Your Skin Radiant This Season

Packed with fibres, carrots also help facilitate digestion and weight loss.

The wedding season is upon us and we are sure you are flooded with invitations by now. Wardrobe, jewelry, make-up, gifts, there's so much to look after that in the midst of all the hustling we often neglect our skin and realize it only when it is too late. Well yes, you can always go to a spa and pamper your skin with their high-end products, but if you are looking for something natural and nourishing you can look into your kitchen pantry for solutions. Yes, you heard us. Winters are around the corner and the nippy weather is also associated with a host of nutritious vegetables; for instance, carrot and beetroot. Carrots are a treasure trove of antioxidants and minerals. It is enriched with vitamin C that helps strengthen immunity. It is also a good source of vitamin A and beta-carotene that helps boost your eyesight. Packed with fibers, carrots also help facilitate digestion and weight loss. Beetroot (or chukundar) is an incredibly heart-healthy. It is an incredible source of potassium, which helps keep your blood pressure in check. The ruby-red vegetable may help facilitate healthy weight management too, due to its high fibre content. Did you know both the root vegetables may do wonders for your skin too?!

Including carrots in your diet may help make your skin more radiant and youthful. According to the book 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing House, "in addition to beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene, carrots contain silicon, which promotes healthy skin and nails." Beetroot too is a great source of vitamin C. By fighting free radical activity, vitamin C helps you regain your lost sheen. You can toss these two in salads or blend them in soups. You can also make fresh juice fusing the two together and enjoy your own DIY detox concoction.

Including carrots in your diet may help make your skin more radiant and youthful

How To Make Carrot and Beetroot Juice:

3 carrots peeled and chopped

Half cup of medium-sized beetroot, peeled and chopped

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

1 teaspoon of rock salt


1. In a blender, add carrots, beetroot, lemon juice, rock salt and blend until smooth.

2. If the concoction is too thick for you, add more water. Blend again. Your juice is ready!

Drink this juice daily for the best results. Make sure you include these healthy veggies and other leafy greens of the season as part of your daily diet too.

Alcohol Losses

Consumption of alcohol can increase a patient's skin problems for the purpose of warming the body in winter. The skin problem increases after consumption of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol is completely prohibited in the event of skin disease on the face or head. In the event of pimples and psoriasis, it would be better to give up alcohol. Repeated intake of chili spices, hot chilies, black pepper, and other spices can increase discomfort. Cigarettes and smoking can greatly aggravate the problem in any form, especially with a scoliosis problem in which the skin disease is more on the palm and soles, often an improvement has been seen in the condition of patients who have stopped smoking.

Other things to avoid

  • Excessive sugars, sodas and weight gain items containing sugary things, which have been shown to increase the problem of skin diseases due to soda drink. Fast food, or eating refined carbohydrates, can also increase skin disease. Flavored things like pasta burgers make pizza noodles pastries and bread liver difficult, and artificial sweetener systems also deteriorate.
  • Oily things and excess salt are very taboo for skin-related diseases. All such food items in which oil is highly used should not be eaten.
  • Dairy products increase skin problems. These are believed to increase bloating or bloating foods, due to excessive intake, there is a risk of increasing acne and eczema.
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