Today's Millennial younger Generation sleeps 20 minutes longer than the Older Generation

The generation millennial of youth born between 1981 and 1996 is the burden of educational debt today, there is the problem of inflation and employment, marriages are delayed, even they are actively participating in the politics of the country. Life is this generation, today, the country has changed the map of a society and work culture in our countries, this generation is filled with more diversity than the previous generations or the facts are exposed The recent United States in a nationwide survey.

According to research, the amount of time Millennials spend more time socializing themselves than they do on religious activities, according to the study, a quarter of the current population of the American Millennials is in sticks and older than they were of military origin. In comparison to them, the rate was 17 percent in the older generation.

Now you are thinking what is this Millennials, ok then look at this Picture


About Lifestyle study

The study aimed to compare Millennials' lifestyle interests with their previous generations of women, said Michelle Freeman, an economist at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The study is based on 2017 data from the American Time You Survey. Tried how Millennial youth pass their daily lives, according to the study Millennial 2017 21 to 36 years of age, while nine were 37 or older from Millennia, while 40 percent of non-Millennials were unemployed. 


34% of assets between 18 and 35 years of age reduced

In research, Freeman found that Millennials lagged financially compared to earlier generations. According to a May 1 study of Daylight, US Millennium's net movable real estate, aged 18 to 35, has decreased by 34% since 1996. Average wealth is less than 5. 68 lakh houses in education have increased by 65% in a decade, the expenditure on food has also increased by 26%.

Millennials sleep more

According to research, it has been found out that Millennials help the child in comparison to the older generation. The average American has about 20 minutes per day more as compared to the younger generation. Not only that, they give twice as much time to play than the older generation. He spends half the time every day resting and thinking, playing, exercising and recreational activities and 4 minutes compared to the previous generation The more time.

Social Media Addiction

This is the most commen reason for younger genration to sleep late. Most youth awake late at night and busy in their mobile phones, hence they sleep late and wake up late in the morning.
They spend their all night on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. as a result of it, they feel sleepy on whole day.


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